5 Must Have Gadgets for Truck Drivers

Post Date - Oct 18, 2022

The trucking industry keeps our country running, and NTB wants to keep it running smoothly for our drivers… which means staying on top of the latest gadgets and tools. We want to simplify your life and support you behind the wheel, so here’s a list of the five must have gadgets for you and your truck. (And if you happen to know a truck driver instead of being one, these are all perfect gifts for this Christmas.)

Memory foam cushions

Comfort comes first as you take the time and care to transport goods across our operating regions. Memory foam cushions made to sit on truck seats make your ride more comfortable, and save you from dealing with a sore back, hips, or legs. If you’re more concerned about lumbar support, there’s cushions that instead attach to the back of seats to provide support for your lower back, neck, and head. Investing in a memory foam cushion saves your body from any undue physical stress and allows you to care for your body as you work.

Power inverter

Peace of mind can change the way a route goes. Knowing that your phone will be full of battery to connect with your family, play music or a podcast as you drive, and scroll at night to decompress is important. Power inverters charge your phone and can also power small coffee makers for a warm cup of Joe in the mornings or portable ovens for warming up food at dinner.

Portable lunchbox oven

You deserve a home cooked meal on the road. Supplying your truck with a portable lunchbox oven lets you take meals from home, on the road. With this gadget you’ll avoid unhealthy options at fast food restaurants and gas stations, while also feeling the comfort of your home. These are easily plugged into power inverters and are made to collapse into small spaces, saving you room.

Tray table

Food trays take away the juggling act of balancing food in your lap. And they don’t take up as much space as it may sound. Most come with an attachment that easily fits into your cup holder, with a tray on a flexible arm that can be adjusted to whatever height works best for you. You can even buy one that has a slot for your phone, allowing you to easily stream your favorite show as you eat. Tray tables help to organize your cab and make cleaning up after meals easy, simply collect the trash from the tray and throw away!

Portable trash can

A clean space is imperative for a clean, healthy mindset. Keeping your truck clean should be simple and adding a portable trash can to your cab does exactly that. Avoid the frustrating fumbling of stuffing trash into old grocery bags and invest in a trash can that’s made to strap onto seats. Most come equipped with a collapsible frame so if you need to store it away, it won’t take up much space. Investing in one that is leak proof and has side storage amps up the organization of your cab and removes even more stress.

NTB wants you to feel your best behind the wheel, and in your career. We have regional run opportunities that come alongside ample home time. Connect with us today to learn more about NTB’s career opportunities!