Four ways to feed your faith OTR

Post Date - Mar 9, 2023

Here at NTB, we care about our driver’s spiritual health and want to help nourish it even when you’re busy hauling freight. With that in mind, here’s four ways to feed your faith on the road.

Stream a sermon

The good thing about feeding your faith while behind the wheel is that we live in a digital world – almost everything is online, including sermons. Pastors like John MacArthur, Paul Washer, and Charles Spurgeon all have sermons available digitally, getting you connected to the church while you roll. And they all offer slightly different things, depending on what you’re needing in the moment. MacArthur’s Grace to You website has sermons available, along with Bible expositions and topical studies. Washer’s Heart Cry website features his most popular sermons alongside his teachings. Spurgeon, a hugely influential 19th century preacher, has sermons uploaded to the internet and read by contemporaries who want to continue spreading his message, allowing you to listen and drive at the same time.

Find fellowship

There are also organizations created specifically for truckers who want to keep their faith thriving while on the road, providing you with a wealth of resources and support. The Association of Christian Truckers is one of these organizations. Their mission statement, posted to their website is to “Reach the Truckers of America, showing them the Love of God and sharing the Good News of the Gospel.” Pastor Phil Derstine is the founder of ACT and helped organize their annual Trucker Jamborees, offered every September. These gatherings feature gospel music, teaching, preaching, testimonies, plays, and free meals! They offer a place for truck drivers to come together in fellowship and give one other support in their faith journey.

Join an OTR ministry

Ministries for truck drivers are a great way to feed your faith while you’re away from your home church. Truckstop Ministries is a nonprofit dedicated to providing truck drivers with access to the Gospel of Jesus. Their website offers several services including an interactive map of chapels across America, a 24/7-hour prayer line, a prayer guide, and prayer requests for times of need. TFC Global is another OTR ministry that supports professional drivers in their faith walk. They define themselves as a “holistic care program” to support drivers “spiritual, physical, and behavioral needs.” They provide access to Bible studies, an online community, prayer groups, emergency assistance, and more!

Do a daily devotional

This is a great way to keep yourself connected to your faith and into your Bible. As a way to provide truck drivers with a spiritual life while on the road, outreach programs have been created which provide devotionals specifically for truckers. Truckstop Ministries’ Facebook page regularly features short sermons, praise reports, and other material supportive to a healthy spiritual life. Additionally, some websites post prayers specific to the life of a trucker. You could say these prayers yourself or even share them with your loved ones back home, connecting you to your religious life and family life all at once.

This is just one of the ways NTB takes care of our drivers professionally and personally. Does your carrier do that? If not, connect with us today to learn more about our amazing driving opportunities.