Prayer/Bible Study Apps

Post Date - Aug 23, 2023

Seven apps Christian truck drivers need to download

We know that life in the driver’s seat can get busy, and finding time for personal spiritual growth can be challenging. At NTB, your faith always comes first. To help you nurture your faith while you’re on the road, we’ve researched the top Bible study and prayer apps made specifically for professional drivers.

Bible study apps

In the digital world of 2023, Bible study apps have become integral for Christian truck drivers who want to strengthen their spiritual faith and deepen their understanding of Scripture. These four apps offer a range of unique features that are designed to feed your faith while on the road.

This Bible study app is available on both iPhone and Android and offers instant access to the Scriptures. It also features hundreds of dramatized audio Bible Scriptures as well as films about Jesus. allows you to read, listen to, and see the Bible at any time, all for free. You can also download text and audio for offline reading and listening, a huge plus for life on the road. You can personalize the app by using the search function to pull up keywords, books of the Bible, and even specific verses; it’s then as easy as using the highlighting, bookmarking, and personal notes tools to ensure easy access to your favorite Scriptures.

Blue Letter Bible

Widely used for many years, the Blue Letter Bible is a great resource for professional drivers who want to dive deeper into the Bible. Its Bible study tools include a dictionary for studying the original Hebrew and Greek, the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge for comprehensive study, and the ability to read or listen to over 8,000 commentaries by over 40 distinguished authors.

Using this app is the perfect way to wrap up your day in the cab. Use the note-taking feature to tag your favorite verses and organize them into custom folders, use the extensive footnote markers to learn more about each verse, and even choose to automatically highlight Christ’s words in red, calling your attention to what matters most.

One-Minute Pocket Bible for Truckers

We know life in the driver’s seat can sometimes be challenging, and a bit of encouragement goes a long way in making it through difficult times. The One-Minute Pocket Bible is a quick and convenient resource with more than 100 topics to encourage and inspire truck drivers. Learn about commitment, disappointment, motivation, and more with access to over 450 Scriptures – all in just one minute!

Carry: Bible Study Groups

If you’ve been reading through these Bible study app suggestions but have felt like fellowship is missing, this app is for you. Carry allows you to connect with your loved ones through Scripture from anywhere. This app lets you start a personalized Bible study group with your family and friends to feed and grow your faith together. Read through the books of the Bible together, stay connected with group chats, see your group’s progress throughout the week, and stay on track with any personal or team goals you set!

Prayer apps

Maintaining a consistent prayer routine is one of the most essential parts of nourishing your faith. Setting aside time to spend in meditation with God can help you stay connected to your faith. These three apps incorporate prayer in your daily life to strengthen your faith no matter where you are.


This is the most popular Christian prayer and meditation app, making it a great choice for developing your prayer life. Abide is made to help you relax and unwind, guided through the meditative practice of prayer. The app offers a variety of peaceful prayers and calming meditations for you to follow along with, ranging from two to 30 minutes. It helps professional drivers deal with any stress or frustration and can even help in getting you to sleep quicker!

Echo Prayer

Like Carry: Bible Study Groups, Echo connects you to those walking with you on your spiritual journey. You can set up personalized groups and share/receive prayer requests to strengthen the feeling of fellowship in your day-to-day life. The app also sends you daily reminders to pray throughout the day and lets you keep track of your history of prayers so you can revisit and reflect on them.

It’s never been so easy to make prayer a priority than with A free one-week trial gives you unlimited access to insights from well-respected Christian authors, daily prayers, meditations to help you tackle any sleep issues, and positive tips to keep you motivated. As the number one app for daily prayer, gets you into the habit of spending time with God.

Navigating your spiritual journey is the most important trip you’ll ever take. To partner with a carrier that supports their drivers’ spiritual growth, connect with NTB.