Tips to make the most of your truck stop visit

Post Date - Sep 14, 2021

While CDL-A drivers spend most of their time on the open road, a truck stop visit is often a necessary part of the workday. At NTB, we want drivers to make the most of their stops. So, here are our tips on having the best truck stop experience possible:

Plan to park

Finding reliable parking at large truck stop chains can be a pain. Apps like Trucker Path or Park My Truck have made it their mission to help CDL-A drivers secure parking while out on runs. A little forward planning could save you a lot of trouble.

Once you’re there, park wisely

In some areas, truck stops are swarmed with inconsiderate drivers and lost travelers. When possible, play it safe and park nose-in beside a curb and away from the fuel island to protect you and your truck from being damaged.

Avoid buying specialty items at truck stops

While most food and drink items are reasonably priced, there is normally a huge markup on toiletries, clothing and equipment at truck stops. Make sure you’re stocked up on necessities before you’re stuck paying $9 for a travel pack of Advil.

Protect your stuff and yourself

Better to be safe than sorry – take precautions to protect your cargo and yourself while parked at a truck stop. Avoid talking about your load while in public and on the phone. If you have a dash cam, make sure it’s recording. In the cab, you can lace a seatbelt or a ratchet strap through the door handle to fasten it.

Don’t hang out at the fuel island

On rare occasions NTB drivers may need to fuel away from the terminal fuel pumps. Should that be the case, most drivers will tell you – get your fuel and get out. Be considerate of your fellow-truckers and try not to hold up a line at the fuel island. If you need to go inside to take a break, eat or shower, move to a parking spot first.

If you have any more truck stop tips, let us know! And if you’re a CDL-A driver or a recent trucking school grad, check out NTB regional CDL-A job opportunities in MI, IL, IN, OH and WI!